What is the Time Limitation for the SOS Call Function?

The SOS call is a crucial feature of Weenect trackers, offering a lifeline in emergency situations. However, it is essential to understand its limitations to use it appropriately and effectively.


What is the SOS Call Function and Its Limitations?

The SOS call function of Weenect trackers is designed to provide quick communication in urgent situations. However, this function is limited to 10 minutes per month for each tracker. It is important to note that Weenect trackers are not ordinary phones, and the SOS call function should be reserved exclusively for emergency situations.


Management and Monitoring of Your SOS Call Quota

For efficient management of your SOS call quota, you can easily check the remaining minutes via your MyWeenect personal space. Notifications will also be sent to inform you when you have only 4 minutes of call time left and when you have used up your full 10 minutes. This transparency allows you to stay informed and manage your call time wisely.



The SOS call function is an essential safety measure for users of Weenect trackers. Understanding its limitations and closely monitoring its use ensures optimal availability for emergency situations.

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