What Do the Different LEDs on My Weenect Kids/Silver Tracker Mean?

Your Weenect Kids or Silver tracker is equipped with four colored LEDs, each with a specific function. These light-emitting diodes provide you with key information about the status and operation of your tracker. Here's what each of them means:


Meaning of the LEDs on the Tracker

  • Red LED: Battery Status The red LED plays a crucial role in indicating the battery status of your tracker. When the tracker is charging, this diode stays lit continuously, signifying that the battery is being recharged. Furthermore, when the tracker is on, the red LED blinks regularly, indicating that the tracker is operational and ready for use.

  • Blue LED: GPS Signal Availability The blue LED informs you about the availability of the GPS signal. Regular blinking of this LED indicates that the tracker has captured a GPS signal and a position is available. If this LED does not blink, it may indicate difficulty in capturing GPS signals, in which case it is recommended to move the tracker to a location with better reception, such as near a window or outdoors.

  • Yellow LED: Connection to the Server The yellow LED is an essential indicator of the tracker's connection to the server. Just after turning on, it stays steady for a few moments, then starts flashing rapidly, signaling active network connection searching. When the yellow LED blinks regularly, like a heartbeat, it means the tracker is well connected to the server and ready to function normally.



The LEDs on your Weenect Kids or Silver tracker are key indicators that help you quickly understand the operating status of your device. Each LED color has a specific meaning that guides you in the daily use of the tracker, ensuring better management and optimal use.


💡 Did You Know?

For more details on how the LEDs on your Weenect Kids or Silver tracker work, feel free to consult our explanatory video.

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