How to Recharge the Weenect Kids/Silver Tracker?

Simple Steps to Recharge Your Tracker

To ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your Weenect Kids or Silver tracker, regular charging is essential. Follow these simple steps to recharge it:

  1. Use the USB Cable Provided with Your Weenect Tracker.
  2. Plug One End of the USB Cable into the Tracker's Charging Port.
  3. Connect the Other End to a Suitable Power Source, such as a USB Wall Adapter or a Computer USB Port.
  4. Ensure the Connection is Secure and the Tracker is Properly Plugged In.


Understanding Charging Indicators

The charging process of your tracker is indicated by the red LED on the device:

  • When the Red LED Lights Up: Your tracker is charging.
  • When the Red LED Turns Off: Your tracker is fully charged.

It is recommended to charge the tracker until the red LED turns off, indicating a full charge.



Recharging your Weenect Kids or Silver tracker is a simple but crucial task to ensure its reliability and availability when you need it. Good charging practices contribute to the battery life and overall performance of the tracker.


💡 Did You Know?

The average battery life of your Weenect tracker depends on its usage and the frequency of GPS updates. To preserve the battery, avoid leaving the tracker discharged for long periods and recharge it regularly.

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