How to Get Real-Time Tracking of My Pet?

For Weenect Kids and Silver Trackers

The Superlive mode, activated via the lightning bolt icon in your Weenect app, transforms your tracking experience. For users of the Weenect Kids and Silver trackers, Superlive updates the GPS position every 10 seconds for a duration of 5 minutes. This allows for detailed tracking and increased responsiveness, particularly useful in situations where every second counts.


For Weenect Cats2, Dogs2, and XS Trackers

For users of the Weenect Cats2, Dogs2, and XS trackers, the Superlive mode offers even greater accuracy. Here, the GPS position is updated every second for 2 minutes, allowing you to almost instantly follow your pet's movements.

Superlive.png  Superlive - en cours.png


Battery Management in Superlive

However, it is important to note that Superlive consumes more battery than the standard tracking mode. Thus, while this mode offers precise and almost real-time tracking, it should be used judiciously to preserve the battery life of your tracker.



Superlive is a powerful feature that makes your Weenect tracker even more effective, especially in situations where rapid tracking is essential. Whether it's to keep a careful eye on your children or to follow your pets' escapades, Superlive offers you peace of mind with detailed tracking.


💡Did you know?

For users who have subscribed to the Premium Pack, the Superlive mode can be extended up to 30 minutes. This allows you to benefit from ultra-precise tracking over a longer duration, ideal for covering a large part of a walk or an outing.



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