What are the different types of notifications?

Weenect offers a variety of notifications to keep you informed about the activity of your tracker. You can choose to receive these notifications in several ways, ensuring communication tailored to your preferences.


Types of Notifications and Customization

1. Push Notifications via Mobile App:

  • Stay connected in real time with push notifications directly on your smartphone via the Weenect app.

2. Emails:

  • Receive important alerts directly in your email inbox. A convenient solution for those who regularly check their emails.

3. SMS (optional in the Premium Pack):

  • For maximum responsiveness, choose to receive notifications via SMS. Ideal when you don't have Internet access. For more information, consult our page about the Premium Pack.

To customize your notifications, go to "Settings" in the app, then click on "Notifications" and select "Additional Settings".


Types of Alerts for Which You Can Be Notified

1. Entry and Exit of Safety Zones:

  • Be alerted when the tracker enters or exits a predefined zone, offering peace of mind for the safety of your loved ones or pets.

2. Entry and Exit of Energy Saving Zones:

  • Receive specific notifications for Weenect XS trackers, informing you when the tracker enters or exits an energy-saving zone.

3. Low Battery:

  • An essential alert to know when to recharge the tracker, ensuring continuous monitoring.

4. SOS Calls:

  • For users of Weenect Kids and Weenect Silver trackers, receive immediate notifications in case of SOS calls, allowing quick intervention in emergency situations.

5. Alert Messages:

  • Stay informed with special alerts for users of Weenect Kids and Weenect Silver trackers, ensuring effective communication in all circumstances.



It is crucial to properly configure your notifications to make the most of your Weenect tracker. A good setup ensures you never miss important information regarding the safety of those dear to you.

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