What are the Main Features Of The App?

Real-Time Tracking with GPS Location

Thanks to the GPS Location feature, you can track the movement of your GPS tracker in real-time on all your devices. This function ensures constant peace of mind by knowing where the tracker's wearer is at all times.


Simplified Guidance to Find the Tracker Wearer

When you need to find the tracker wearer in a crowd or complex environment, Weenect makes it easier for you. Use the compass, augmented reality, or the route function for precise and direct guidance to the wearer.


Safety Zone Alerts

Customize your experience by defining circular safety zones. Receive automatic alerts every time the wearer enters or exits these zones. You have the freedom to create an unlimited number of zones, with sizes ranging from 50 to 2000 meters, tailored to your specific needs.


SOS Function for Increased Safety

In case of an emergency, the tracker wearer can activate the SOS alert (available only for Weenect Kids and Silver models). This feature sends an immediate notification, allowing you to react quickly if needed.


Facilitated Communication with the Phone Function

Some Weenect tracker models are equipped with a microphone and speaker, allowing for phone calls (up to 10 minutes per month). This function is ideal for quick and direct communication with the tracker wearer.


Detailed History of Journeys and Alerts

Review the history of recent journeys and alerts to understand the movements and behaviors of the wearer. This function is essential for analyzing habits and any changes in daily routines.


Low Battery Alert for Continuous Tracking

Stay informed about the tracker's battery status with automatic alerts sent when the battery reaches 30% and 15%. This feature ensures that you are always aware of the ideal time to recharge the tracker.



The Weenect app offers a range of features designed to maximize safety and peace of mind. Whether it's for tracking a pet, a child, or a senior, Weenect provides you with the necessary tools to stay connected and secure.


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Watch this presentation video of the 7.0.0 update featuring a brand new navigation in the app!

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