Does the Weenect app work with my device?

Compatibility with Android and iOS Devices

For an optimal user experience, Weenect has developed an application compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. Android smartphone and tablet users can use the Weenect app provided their device runs on Android version 5 or later. Similarly, iPhone and iPad users can fully enjoy the Weenect app if their device is equipped with iOS 13.6 or a higher version. This broad compatibility ensures that the majority of current smartphone and tablet users can connect to their Weenect tracker without any issues.


Solution for Non-Compatible Devices

If you own a device that does not meet these specifications, Weenect has an effective alternative to keep you connected to your tracker. By accessing the My Weenect web app, you can use most features of the Weenect app directly from the browser of your computer or any other Internet-connected device. This web solution ensures that all users, regardless of their mobile device's compatibility, have access to Weenect's location and tracking service.



Flexibility and accessibility are at the heart of the Weenect experience. Whether you are using a recent Android device, an iPhone, or even a computer, Weenect ensures that you are always just a click away from locating and interacting with your GPS tracker. This universal accessibility is a testament to Weenect's commitment to providing a convenient and inclusive service to all its users.

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