How to Know if My Tracker is Fully Charged?

Identifying a Low Battery Level

It's crucial to know when to recharge your Weenect tracker. A key indicator is the red LED flashing, which occurs when the battery reaches 30% or less. This signals that it's time to plug in the tracker for charging, thus avoiding a complete discharge that could prevent you from locating your loved one or pet.


Procedure for Charging the Tracker

Charging your Weenect tracker is a simple and efficient operation. Use the provided charging cable to connect the tracker to a power source. During charging, a steady red LED will appear on the tracker, indicating that the charging process is underway. It is recommended to charge the tracker in a safe and dry place.


Recognizing a Fully Charged Tracker

A full charge of the tracker takes about 4 hours, especially if the battery is completely drained. You will know the tracker is fully charged when the LED turns off. This means that the tracker is ready to be used again for reliable monitoring.


Precautions and Tips for Better Battery Life

It is advisable to regularly check the battery level via the Weenect app. This allows you to plan charges and ensure continuous monitoring. Additionally, avoid exposing the tracker to extreme temperatures during charging, as this could affect the battery life.



Proper battery management of your Weenect tracker is essential to ensure precise and reliable location. By following these simple steps, you will maximize the efficiency of your tracker and the peace of mind it provides.


💡 Did You Know?

Although the battery life of the Weenect tracker depends on usage and configured settings, regular charging and responsible use ensure optimal efficiency. Remember to regularly check the battery status via the app to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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