Does the Weenect XS/XT GPS Require a Wi-Fi Connection to Work?

The modern era of GPS technology offers unparalleled peace of mind to pet owners and families, thanks to devices such as the Weenect GPS tracker. A common question concerns the necessity of a Wi-Fi connection for its operation. In this article, we'll clarify this essential point for optimal use of your Weenect tracker.


Basic Functioning of the Weenect GPS Tracker

The Weenect GPS tracker, designed to ensure you always find those dear to you, operates independently of a Wi-Fi connection. It uses advanced GPS technology to determine the precise position of the tracker’s wearer. Your smartphone, however, needs to be connected to the internet to receive location data. This setup guarantees maximum flexibility, allowing tracking of your pet or loved ones even on the move.


Energy Saving Zones

Our latest versions of GPS trackers for dogs and cats incorporate an innovative battery-saving feature. This function uses available Wi-Fi signals to reduce the tracker’s energy consumption. When the tracker detects a Wi-Fi network associated with an active energy-saving zone, it decreases the frequency of GPS signal searches, thus prolonging its battery life. This technology is particularly useful for ensuring extended use between charges, without compromising location accuracy.



The use of Weenect GPS trackers offers great flexibility, not requiring a Wi-Fi connection for their basic operation. The innovation in battery saving with the use of Wi-Fi networks is an example of Weenect's commitment to providing practical and efficient solutions for the well-being of your loved ones and pets.


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