How Do the LEDs on the Weenect XS or Weenect XT Tracker Work?

Starting Up and Initial Reactions of the Weenect XS/XT Tracker

To turn on your Weenect XS/XT tracker, simply hold down the central button for three seconds. During this operation, you will observe the LED light up, confirming the activation of the tracker. Once the command is recognized, a sound and vibration will be felt, indicating that the tracker is ready to use.


Interpreting LED Signals for Network Connection

Once turned on, the tracker begins searching for the best available GSM network. You will notice alternating red and green LED flashes, signifying this search. Once a GSM network is found, the green LED will start flashing, indicating that the tracker is establishing a connection with the Weenect servers.


Checking the Network Connection Status

By briefly pressing the central button, you can easily check the connection status of the tracker:

  • If the LED is green, it means that the tracker is well connected.
  • If the LED is white, the tracker is in airplane mode.
  • If the LED lights up red then green, it indicates that the tracker is turned off.
  • If no LED lights up, then the tracker is off and has no battery.


In Case of Network Problems

If the tracker encounters difficulties connecting to the GSM network, the red and green LEDs will light up alternately. This suggests a connectivity problem that may require moving the tracker to a location with better network coverage.


Turning Off the Weenect XS/XT Tracker

To turn off the tracker, press the central button three times in succession (this method prevents accidental shutdown). A beep sound accompanied by a vibration will confirm the shutdown, and the green LED will light up briefly before turning off.


Battery Indicators

The tracker's red LED also informs you about the battery status:

  • If the battery falls below 30%, the red LED will flash every three seconds.
  • When charging the tracker, the red LED will remain steadily lit.
  • When the tracker is fully charged, the LED will turn solid green.



These simple but effective light signals from the Weenect XS/XT Tracker are designed to provide you with quick and accurate information about the status of your device. Understanding these indicators will allow you to use your tracker optimally and with peace of mind.

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