How to Subscribe to a Subscription?

It is important to note that each Weenect tracker is equipped with a separate SIM card and therefore requires an individual subscription. This specificity ensures optimal network connectivity for each device. Thus, it is not possible to use the same subscription for multiple trackers.


Subscription Procedure

Activating a subscription for your Weenect tracker is an essential step to fully enjoy its features. The subscription can be done either through your personal online space on "My Weenect" or directly from the Weenect app when registering your tracker.

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Payment Terms

For subscription, you have the option to pay by credit card or direct debit. These flexible payment options are designed to adapt to your preferences and facilitate the activation of your service.


Details of Subscription Plans

Weenect offers various subscription plans tailored to your needs:

1. Monthly Subscription: Ideal for maximum flexibility, with a minimum commitment of three months.

2. Annual Subscription: An economical option for a long-term commitment.

3. Three-Year Subscription: The most advantageous solution for prolonged use of your tracker.

Each plan offers the same features of real-time GPS location and access to all options of the Weenect app.



Subscribing to a Weenect subscription is a simple and secure process, allowing you to fully benefit from your tracker's capabilities. Make sure to choose the plan that best suits your needs for an optimal experience.


💡 Did You Know?

You have 30 days to change your mind once a subscription is taken out. During this period, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.


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