How Much Does a Subscription to the Weenect Service Cost?

Weenect offers a range of subscriptions tailored to each need, ensuring maximum flexibility for our users. Whether you choose a monthly or prepaid subscription, you will have full access to Weenect's advanced GPS tracking features.


Monthly and Prepaid Subscriptions: Choose According to Your Convenience

  • Monthly Subscription: Enjoy total flexibility with our monthly subscription at £8.66. Without a long-term commitment, you can cancel this subscription at any time after the first three months.

  • Prepaid 1-Year Subscription: Opt for our annual plan at £60.69, which amounts to only £5.06 per month. This option is ideal for peace of mind over a longer period, with the possibility of renewal at each anniversary.

  • Prepaid 3-Year Subscription: For prolonged serenity and increased savings, our three-year subscription is available at £130.07, which is £3.61 per month. A wise choice for a long-term commitment to the safety and well-being of those you love.


Simplified Subscription and Payment

Subscribing to Weenect subscriptions is easy and can be done either via the user space at or directly when registering your tracker in the Weenect app. Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. For direct debit, a signed electronic mandate is required, accompanied by the bank details of the account to be debited.

The renewal of the subscription is tacit at each anniversary date, but can be canceled at any time in the personal space.


To Note

It is important to know that each Weenect tracker requires a separate subscription to function. This policy ensures that each tracker benefits from quality connectivity and precise tracking.


💡 Did You Know?

Although Weenect subscriptions offer great flexibility, it is essential to choose the option best suited to your use. Whether you opt for a monthly, annual, or three-year commitment, Weenect is committed to providing a reliable and efficient GPS tracking experience for the safety and peace of mind of its users.


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