Power Saving Areas

Warning: This feature is only available on Weenect XS trackers.

What is a Power Saving Area?

When you create a Power Saving Area, the tracker will automatically connect to the WiFi network of your choice - your home or work network - and cover a range of about 30 ft. (10m). Once defined, the tracker will automatically switch to power save mode when within range of a network to extend the tracker's battery life.

How to create a Power Saving Area?

  • On your mobile app, go to Profile > Tracker > Power Saving Area to create a new area.

  • If you're an iOS user, the tracker will search for all the networks in range, if you're an Android user, your phone will do the search. Next, select the WiFi network you want to use for the Power Saving Area. We recommend choosing a network that you trust and that is within range of the places where you spend most time. Warning: You cannot create a Power Saving Area using a hidden network (if the SSID is not visible), or with a 5G network.

  • Drag the map until the cross mark matches the location of your WiFi router. By default, the cross mark represents the current location of your tracker.

  • Name your Power Saving Area. For example, “Home Wifi" or "Router 2".

  • Choose whether or not to enable airplane mode (see paragraph below)

  • Save your area.

Your tracker will automatically switch to the WiFi network that you have set for the Power Saving Area. When in range, it will automatically switch to power save mode.

What happens when your tracker is in Power Saving mode?

When the tracker detects the Power Saving Area WiFi signal, it will automatically switch to power saving mode. Here's what you'll see on the app:

  • A WiFi icon will appear next to your pet's location on the map, to let you know that the tracker is in a Power Saving Area.
  • In power save mode, the tracker will no longer use the GPS network to locate itself. Instead, the tracker will check if it is still within range of the Power Saving Area's WiFi network.
    The tracker will then appear in the middle of the Power Saving Area.
  • As soon as the tracker moves out of the Power Saving Area, the tracker will re-locate itself using the GPS network.
  • Warning: In Power Saving mode, Superlive and refresh will be disabled. Don't worry – your pet is located within 30 ft (10 m) of you. You can still use the ringer or buzzer to find your pet.

What happens when the tracker is in airplane mode?

If you enable airplane mode for your areas, the tracker will automatically disconnect from any network to save even more battery life. When the tracker is in airplane mode, you will no longer be able to interact with it – all action buttons will be disabled. The tracker will reconnect every 12 hours to send data to the server.

If the tracker goes out of the area it will instantly reconnect to a network and send you a notification.

How to use a Power Saving Area?

In addition to the above mentioned technical limitations, you must meet the following requirements before enabling a Power Saving Area:

  • Each area must be linked to its own WiFi router.
  • The tracker must be switched on, connected to a mobile network and in range of a WiFi network.
  • Your smartphone or tablet must be connected to the internet.

Does my smartphone need to be in range of the WiFi network to create a Power Saving Area?

No, your smartphone does not need to be connected to the WiFi network - only an active internet connection is required. However, the tracker must be within range of the WiFi network.

For Android, we recommend placing your smartphone near the chosen WiFi router.

Can I create multiple Power Saving Areas?

Yes, you can create as many areas as you want.

Can I create a Power Saving Area for each of my trackers?

Each Power Saving Area is linked to a specific tracker. If you have multiple trackers, you will need to create a new area for each tracker.

Where can I manage my Power Saving Areas?

From your mobile app, go to Profile > Tracker > Power Saving Areas to view or edit the Power Saving Areas you have created. From here, you can change the location or name of your areas, delete or create a new Power Saving Areas, and turn airplane mode on or off.

If you disable a Power Saving Area, the server will automatically inform the tracker of the change. The tracker will exit power saving mode within 3 minutes.
However, if you disable airplane mode or the area while the tracker is in airplane mode, you will have to wait for the tracker to reconnect to a network before taking the changes into account. (The easiest way to do this is to take it out of the area yourself).

Which networks can be used to create a Power Saving Area?

Currently, only 2.4 GHz networks are supported by our trackers. 5 GHz networks are not supported and therefore cannot be used to create an Power Saving Area.

How do I delete a Power Saving Area?

If you want to delete a Power Saving Area, open your Weenect GPS app and go to Profile > My Tracker > Power Saving Areas. Choose the Power Saving Area you want to delete, click on "Delete Area" at the bottom right and confirm. If you want to set a new Power Saving Area in the future, you can do so at any time from the app.

If you only want to temporarily disable an area, you can also do so by clicking on the "Disable Area" button from the selected area. Thus, you don't have to go through the whole creation process again if you want to enable it again.

Why is my pet located in a different location when it is in a Power Saving Area?

When you create a Power Saving Area, you need to match the cross mark on the map with the position of the WiFi router used for this area. By default, it will be positioned on the current position of your smartphone.  Thus, when your tracker will be in the Power Saving Area it will be displayed in the middle of the area. If you do not properly position your WiFi router, the Power Saving Area won't be able to work properly and your tracker won't be placed in the right place.

If you want to adjust the location, you can change your area from the location screen and make sure it is accurate!

What about data privacy if I use a WiFi network?

The GPS tracker will only detect the WiFi network. It does not use it to send data or communicate. It only uses the WiFi network to locate your pet. No personal data will be shared.


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