How to Receive Alerts from My Tracker?

Receiving alerts from your Weenect tracker is essential to ensure effective and real-time monitoring of your loved ones or pets. In this article, we guide you step-by-step to correctly set up your alerts.


Selecting Desired Notification Types

To start, access your tracker's settings via the Weenect mobile app or the "My Weenect" web app. Here, you can customize your alerts according to your preferences:

1. Choice of Alerts: Select the types of notifications you want to receive for each type of alert (entry/exit of zone, low battery, SOS, etc.).

2. Frequency of Notifications: Set the frequency at which you wish to be informed.


Activating Push Notifications

Push notifications are a quick and efficient way to receive alerts. To activate them:

1. App Permission: Ensure that you have granted the necessary permissions to the Weenect app to send push notifications to your mobile device.

2. Checking Phone Settings: Check your smartphone's notification settings to ensure that Weenect alerts are not blocked or muted.


Receiving Alerts via Email

For those who prefer email notifications:

1. Email Address Verification: Make sure your email address is correctly entered in the settings of your Weenect account.

2. Spam Folder Check: Regularly check your junk mail folder to avoid missing important notifications.



Effectively setting up alerts allows you to make the most of your Weenect tracker, offering you peace of mind and security. Remember to regularly check your settings to ensure you are receiving all important information.


💡Did you know?

Did you know that Weenect alerts can also be received as SMS for even faster communication? This option is particularly useful when you do not have Internet access. Discover the Premium Pack.

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