Understanding and Optimizing Your Pet's Activity Tracking with Weenect

Setting Up Your Pet's Profile for Personalized Tracking

Before fully enjoying Weenect's activity tracking, it's crucial to properly set up your pet's profile. Enter detailed information such as the name, species, age, gender, breed, identification mode (chipped, tattooed), weight, body type, frequency of outings, sterilization status, and the dates of the latest veterinary visits and vaccinations. This step ensures tracking tailored to the specific needs of your companion.

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Daily Tracking: Set and Achieve Activity Goals

With Weenect, set a daily activity goal for your pet and track their progress. You will receive advice adapted to their species, and the set goal will be prominently displayed in the app. When your pet reaches their goal, the tracking turns green, symbolizing their good physical activity.

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Daily Analysis: Visualization and Understanding of Activity

Weenect's activity tracking allows you to visualize your pet's daily progress towards their goal, the distribution of their rest and activity periods, and to compare their activity data over a specified period using detailed charts.

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Weekly and Monthly Tracking for an Overview

In addition to daily tracking, Weenect offers the possibility to track your pet's activity on a weekly and monthly basis. This overview is crucial for assessing the general health of your companion and adjusting their activity goals if necessary.



With Weenect's activity tracking, you have a powerful tool to monitor your pet's physical well-being. By customizing the settings and regularly analyzing their data, you actively contribute to their health and happiness.


💡Did you know?

In addition to tracking your pet's activity, Weenect offers you the opportunity to share their accomplishments with your loved ones on social media. It's a fun and engaging way to keep your circle informed about your companion's progress and achievements.



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