What Do the 4 LEDs on My Weenect Cats²/Dogs² Tracker Mean?

The LEDs on your Weenect tracker are not just decorative lights; they provide essential information about the operating status of your device. This article guides you on how to correctly interpret each color and flashing pattern of the LEDs on your tracker.


Meaning of the LEDs on the Tracker

  • Red LED: Battery Status The red LED on your tracker plays a crucial role in indicating the battery status. When your tracker is charging, this LED stays lit continuously, signaling that the charging process is underway. If the red LED lights up while the tracker is not connected to a power source, it is a clear indicator that the battery is low and it's time to recharge your device.

  • Blue LED: GPS Signal Availability The blue LED is a direct indicator of the availability of the GPS signal. When this LED flashes, it means that the tracker has successfully obtained a precise GPS position. If the blue LED remains off, it is advisable to move the tracker to a location with a better view of the sky, such as near a window or outdoors, to improve the reception of GPS signals.

  • Yellow LED: Connection to the Server The yellow LED is essential for confirming your tracker's connection to the server, thus allowing the reception of GPS positions. Just after turning on, the yellow LED remains steady for a few moments, then starts flashing rapidly, indicating the search for a network. When the yellow LED stabilizes and flashes regularly, like a heartbeat, it means that your tracker is correctly connected to the server.



The LEDs on your Weenect tracker are not just there for aesthetics; they are a source of valuable information about the state and operation of your device. By understanding the meaning of each color and each flashing pattern, you can ensure efficient and worry-free use of your tracker. In case of doubt, always move the tracker closer to a source of natural light or an outdoor environment to optimize GPS signal reception.


💡 Did You Know?

For a deeper understanding of the LEDs on your Weenect tracker, we invite you to watch this explanatory video. It will provide you with clear and detailed visual information on the meaning of each LED and how to interpret their signals.

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