How to Turn On and Off My Weenect Cats²/Dogs² Tracker?

Turning On the Tracker

To activate your Weenect Cats² or Dogs² tracker, start by placing it outside in an open area. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the ON/OFF Button: Locate the ON/OFF button on your tracker. Hold it down for three seconds.
  2. Vibration and Sound: When the tracker vibrates and emits a sound, you can release the button. Your tracker is now turned on.
  3. Observing the LEDs: Keep the tracker outside until the yellow LED starts flashing rapidly. This indicates that the tracker is trying to obtain its first GPS position.

                                                                       Illustration of the on/off button

First GPS Location: When the yellow LED flashes twice and the blue LED flashes once, it means that your tracker has successfully obtained a first GPS position.


Turning Off the Tracker

To turn off your Weenect Cats² or Dogs² tracker, follow this simple procedure:

  1. Triple Press on ON/OFF: Quickly press the ON/OFF button three times in a row.
  2. Confirmation by Vibration: As soon as the tracker vibrates, it means it is completely turned off.



These instructions will help you to easily turn on and off your Weenect Cats² and Dogs² trackers. Keep in mind that the process of obtaining the first GPS position may vary depending on the environment and weather conditions.


💡 Did You Know?

To optimize battery life and GPS accuracy, it is recommended to place the tracker in a location with good visibility of the sky. Obstacles such as buildings or dense trees can affect GPS performance.

For a better understanding of your tracker, here is an explanatory video that will allow you to know the status of your tracker through the diodes.

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