Duration of the Warranty for Weenect Trackers

Standard 2-Year Warranty on Weenect Trackers

Weenect trackers, designed for optimal longevity, come with a standard two-year warranty. This warranty covers any malfunctions not caused by inappropriate use, such as overheating or battery issues. To fully benefit from this warranty, it is essential to maintain an active Weenect subscription and adhere to payment deadlines.


The Multi-Risk Warranty Option for Extended Coverage

Weenect offers additional protection with the Multi-Risk Warranty option, available for only $4.4 per month. This extended warranty covers accidental damages, including falls and breakages, as well as the loss of the tracker. In the event of a problem, our customer service is at your disposal to organize a quick and efficient replacement.


Exclusive Lifetime Warranty for Weenect XS Trackers

Weenect is committed to providing superior quality products and impeccable customer service. That's why all Weenect XS trackers are now covered by a lifetime warranty, subject to maintaining an active subscription with Weenect. This lifetime warranty reflects our commitment to sustainability and the trust of our users.


Conclusion: Reliability at the Heart of Weenect's Commitment

At Weenect, we are dedicated to offering reliable and durable tracking solutions for your companions. Whether you opt for our standard warranty or the Multi-Risk Warranty extension, our trackers are designed to accompany you serenely in your daily life.


💡 Did You Know?

Weenect's commitment goes beyond its warranties: we advocate for animal welfare, environmental protection, and responsible local consumption, while actively fighting against planned obsolescence.

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