Why a Subscription?

GPS tracker technology has revolutionized our ability to stay connected with what matters most to us, whether it be a pet, a child, or an elderly family member. But to fully leverage this innovative technology, one element is crucial: the subscription. Let's explore why.


The Technology Behind the Tracker: The Importance of the Integrated SIM Card

Our Weenect trackers are not mere gadgets; they are equipped with an integrated SIM card, essential for their operation. This SIM card is the heart of the tracker's connectivity, allowing it to connect to the 2G network. Thanks to this connection, the tracker can transmit real-time GPS location data without any distance limitation. This capability for continuous transmission is what sets Weenect trackers apart from other tracking devices, such as Bluetooth trackers, which are limited to a range of only a few meters.


The Benefits of Unrestricted Distance Geolocation

One of the main advantages of Weenect trackers is their ability to function over long distances. Whether your tracker is hundreds of kilometers away or even in another country, you can still accurately locate it. This performance is made possible by the integrated SIM card and the associated subscription, which ensures constant connectivity with the telecommunications network. Unlike Bluetooth trackers, which are only useful over short distances, Weenect trackers offer peace of mind, knowing that you can locate your loved ones or pets at any time and in any place.



In conclusion, to fully benefit from Weenect's advanced geolocation features, a subscription is essential. This subscription powers the tracker's integrated SIM card, ensuring constant connectivity and precise location tracking without distance limitations.


💡 Did You Know?

Weenect offers various subscription plans to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a short-term solution or a long-term commitment, our subscription options offer flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that your Weenect tracker remains a reliable ally for the safety of those dear to you.

How much does a subscription to the Weenect service cost?

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