How to Request a New GPS Position?

When using a Weenect GPS tracker, it is crucial to be able to rely on accurate and up-to-date location information. Whether it's for tracking a pet, a child, or an elderly person, the ability to refresh the GPS position of your tracker in real time is a major asset. Here's how to use this feature effectively.


Using the 'Refresh Position' Button

Within the Weenect app, the button represented by an arrow forming a circle is your main tool for updating the GPS position. By clicking on this button, you request an instant update of the tracker's location. It is important to note that if the tracker has not changed position since the last update, the change will not be visible on the map. However, the app will display the last update time as "a few seconds ago," ensuring you that the position is up to date.

Keep in mind that the accuracy of this information can vary slightly depending on environmental factors affecting the GPS signal.

Refresh - onboarding.png  Refresh - popin.png


Focus on Superlive

For those seeking even higher precision in GPS tracking, Weenect offers the "Superlive" mode. This mode allows you to receive GPS position updates every second for a set duration, offering real-time and ultra-precise tracking. "Superlive" is ideal for situations where real-time tracking is crucial, such as when tracking a moving animal or a person on the move.



Regularly refreshing the GPS position of your Weenect tracker is a simple and effective way to stay constantly informed of the wearer's location. This easy-to-use feature provides invaluable peace of mind, knowing that you can obtain accurate location information at any time.

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