Compatibility with Your Operator 

Location Freedom Without Operator Dependence

Are you wondering if your mobile operator is compatible with our Weenect trackers? The answer is simple: it doesn't matter! Our trackers are designed to operate autonomously, without any dependence on your mobile phone operator.


Independence and Connectivity of Weenect Trackers

Weenect trackers are equipped with their own integrated SIM card. This key feature ensures total independence from your phone. Consequently, whether you are a customer of one operator or another, it will not affect the operation of your tracker. This autonomy ensures reliable and continuous location tracking, essential for the peace of mind we aim to offer our users.


The Multi-Network Technology of Weenect Trackers

The integrated SIM card in our trackers is what we call a multi-network SIM card. It can switch between different telephone operators to maintain optimal connectivity. If the signal of one operator is weak or unavailable in a certain area, the tracker automatically seeks to connect to an alternative network. This flexibility allows us to guarantee extensive coverage, reaching approximately 99% of the territory.



In summary, our Weenect trackers offer great location freedom, independent of your mobile operator. Thanks to their multi-network technology, they ensure reliable connectivity and extensive coverage, so you can locate what is dear to you, wherever you are.


💡 Did You Know?

It is important not to attempt to replace the integrated SIM card in your Weenect tracker. Doing so could damage the device and compromise its proper functioning. Our trackers are designed to work perfectly with the provided SIM card, thus ensuring an optimal user experience.

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