Can I Use My Own SIM Card in the Tracker?

The Integrated SIM Card: Designed for Simplicity and Efficiency

Weenect trackers come equipped with an already integrated SIM card, designed to simplify your experience from the first moment of use. It is crucial to understand that you should not attempt to replace this integrated SIM card. Such action could not only damage the device but also compromise its optimal functioning. Our trackers are specifically designed to work efficiently with the provided SIM card, thus ensuring a flawless and as reliable as possible user experience.


Weenect Subscriptions: Ease and Flexibility

To activate and fully use your Weenect tracker, it is essential to choose a subscription that suits your needs. Our subscription plans start from €3.75 per month, offering a range of services and options to maximize your tracker's capabilities. This subscription can be easily made through our website, ensuring that your tracker remains connected and operational.



At Weenect, we have chosen to provide trackers with integrated SIM cards to simplify your experience. Therefore, it is neither necessary nor possible to use an external SIM card.


💡 Did You Know?

Your Weenect tracker benefits from multi-network technology, allowing it to connect to the best available network based on your location. This ensures precise and reliable location tracking of your pet, child, or loved one, regardless of network conditions.

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