How to Activate the Flashlight on Your Weenect XS Tracker?

Activating the Flashlight for Optimal Visibility:

In certain situations, such as when your Weenect XS tracker is lost in a dark environment, the device's flashlight function becomes essential. Thanks to this feature, locating your tracker in the darkness becomes easy.

To use this function, open your Weenect app and locate the flashlight-shaped icon.

By selecting it, you will immediately activate a continuous flashing on the LED of your Weenect XS tracker. This intermittent light is designed to attract attention and facilitate the rapid location of the tracker.


Steady Light: An Exclusive Advantage for Premium Members:

For users who want constant visibility, Weenect offers an additional option: the steady light. Available exclusively for Premium Members, this function allows for continuous light in addition to the standard flashing. This can be particularly useful in low-light conditions or when you need to continuously spot the tracker.



Using the flashlight on your Weenect XS tracker is a simple but powerful function to locate your device in the dark. Whether you choose the standard flashing or the steady light as a Premium Member, this feature adds a level of safety and convenience to your Weenect experience.


💡Did you know?

As a Premium Member, you not only benefit from the steady light but also other advanced features, thereby enhancing your experience with Weenect. Discover all the advantages of the Premium Pack in this article.


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