What is the Energy Saving Zone?

The energy saving zone is an innovative feature of Weenect that allows the tracker to connect to a Wi-Fi box, thus optimizing battery life and signal coverage.


How the Energy Saving Zone Works

  • Wi-Fi Connection: The tracker deactivates GPS position searching when it detects your Wi-Fi signal, understanding that it is in the immediate vicinity.
  • Battery Life: This feature increases the battery life from about 3 days to around 10 days, saving the tracker's energy.

Note: You still have the option to request an update of the GPS position of the tracker or a Superlive, but the accuracy of the captured GPS positions may be affected by the fact that the tracker is in a Wi-Fi zone.


Setting Up the Energy Saving Zone

Set up this zone by following these steps:

1. Searching for a Wi-Fi Box: Ensure your internet box is turned on and search for it via the app.

2. Placement of the Zone: Position the center of the energy saving zone as close as possible to the actual location of your internet box.

3. Naming the Zone: Name your zone for easy recognition.

4. Airplane Mode: Activate or deactivate this option according to your preferences.


Airplane Mode

  • Activation: When the tracker enters an energy saving zone, you can choose to activate airplane mode.
  • Functioning: In airplane mode, after one minute in the zone, the tracker stops searching for GPS and cuts communication with the Weenect servers, thus maximizing battery saving.
  • Accessibility: In airplane mode, the tracker becomes unreachable and only becomes accessible again upon leaving the zone.


Entering and Exiting the Wi-Fi Zone

  • Entry: When the tracker enters a Wi-Fi zone, its icon is placed at the center of the zone, which turns green. The icon indicates that the tracker is near the Wi-Fi box.
  • Exit: The tracker exits Wi-Fi mode when it leaves the zone, the box is unplugged, or the zone is deactivated.



Wi-Fi zones are subject to the same notification rules as safety zones, allowing you to receive alerts in case of entry or exit, via push notifications, emails, or SMS for Premium Pack users.



Setting up an energy saving zone is a simple and effective way to increase the battery life of your Weenect tracker and ensure continuous monitoring of your pet.


💡Did you know?

It is possible to manually exit the tracker from airplane mode by pressing and holding the central button for 5 seconds. A vibration will be felt and the tracker will then reconnect to the network.

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