What is the Multi-Risk Warranty?

Complete Protection for Your GPS Tracker

The Weenect Multi-Risk Warranty is an option available for only £3.46 per month to ensure total protection of your GPS tracker. It covers:

  • Loss of the tracker
  • Theft of the tracker
  • Accidental damage to the tracker

This additional warranty can be added at any time to your Weenect subscription, whether during initial activation or later.


How to Request a Replacement Under the Multi-Risk Warranty?

In case of need, here's how to obtain a new tracker under the multi-risk warranty:

  • Contact our online support service, accessible by email or chat.
  • Our team will process your request within 48 business hours.


Delivery Time and Costs for the New Tracker

We commit to shipping your new tracker quickly, depending on your location.

Shipping costs of £7.99 will be applied


Transferring Subscription to the New Tracker

Upon receiving your new tracker, transferring your existing subscription is simple and quick:

  • Go to the settings of your tracker in the Weenect app.
  • Choose the "Replace Tracker" option and follow the instructions to link your subscription to the new tracker.



The Weenect Multi-Risk Warranty, available for only £3.46 per month, is an ideal solution to ensure a worry-free use of your GPS tracker, protecting you against unforeseen events.

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