What is included in the premium pack?

The Weenect Premium pack represents a unique opportunity to enrich your experience with our GPS trackers. By subscribing to this pack, you unlock a range of exclusive features, designed to enhance your ease of use and the safety of your loved ones.


The Riches of the Premium Pack

The Premium pack includes a series of benefits that transform your daily use of Weenect trackers:

  • Extended Superlive: Enjoy real-time tracking of your tracker for up to 30 minutes without interruption, compared to the standard version's 2 minutes.
  • Enhanced Ringtone and Vibration: Activate the ringtone or vibration of your tracker for up to 30 seconds for an effective reminder.
  • Extended Mapping: Access additional maps for total adaptability to your environment. Enjoy high-definition satellite views, detailed reliefs, and landmarks for forest paths and hiking trails.
  • Improved Flashlight: Benefit from enhanced lighting with a steady light in addition to the flashing mode, for increased visibility and safety.
  • Multimodal Alerts: Receive all your alerts directly on your phone, even without an internet connection, thanks to a credit of 40 SMS per month, in addition to push notifications and emails.


Subscription and Accessibility

Subscribing to the Premium pack is simple and flexible. For only £2.59 per month, you can activate or deactivate this service at any time from the Weenect app on your phone or via your personal online space. This pack applies to all trackers on your account, without the need for individual subscriptions for each device.

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The Weenect Premium pack represents a modest investment for considerable benefits in terms of comfort, safety, and features. Whether for better visibility of your tracker, more detailed tracking, or more effective alerts, the Premium pack is an undeniable added value to your Weenect experience.


💡 Did You Know?

To fully discover the advantages of the Premium pack, Weenect offers you a free one-month trial. Take this opportunity to test all these advanced features and see how they can enrich your Weenect experience!

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