Indoor GPS Localization

The Challenge of GPS Localization Indoors

GPS localization is a fantastic tool for tracking our loved ones and pets, but it encounters limitations indoors. Obstacles such as walls or roofs can block signals from GPS satellites, reducing the accuracy of localization. This problem is common to all GPS devices, including those from Weenect.


Weenect XS and Energy-Saving Zones: A Complementary Solution

Although the majority of users do not have the Weenect XS, it is important to mention this option for those who do. The Weenect XS utilizes energy-saving zones that, when associated with a wifi box, ensure that the tracker is within a 15-meter distance around it. This provides an alternative solution for users facing indoor localization challenges.



GPS localization indoors remains a challenge, but by understanding its limitations and leveraging solutions like energy-saving zones or strategic placement of the tracker, users can improve the tracking experience. Weenect strives to provide solutions suitable for all its users, regardless of the tracker model they possess.


💡 Did You Know?

Even indoors, you can increase the accuracy of your tracker by placing it in areas with fewer physical obstacles, such as near windows or in higher rooms.

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