How Do Alert Messages Work on My Weenect Kids/Silver Tracker?

Weenect trackers offer an innovative and reassuring feature: alert buttons. These buttons, located on the side of the tracker, are designed to enhance communication between you and your loved ones. They enable sending customizable messages, thus ensuring increased peace of mind. In this article, discover how to efficiently set up and use these alert buttons.


Setting Up Alert Buttons

Configuring the alert buttons on your Weenect tracker is a simple and intuitive process. Access the Weenect app or your personal space on the website to customize the messages associated with each button. You can set specific messages for different situations, allowing your family to communicate effectively with you when needed.


Sending and Confirming Alert Messages

To send an alert message, press the corresponding button on the tracker until you feel a slight vibration. This vibration indicates that your message is ready to be sent. Once the button is released, a green LED will light up, confirming the successful sending of the message. This ease of use makes the alert buttons particularly practical and reliable in emergency situations.



The alert buttons on the Weenect tracker are a valuable tool for maintaining safe and effective communication between you and your loved ones. By following these simple instructions for configuration and use, you can make the most of this essential feature.


💡 Did You Know?

For a better understanding of how to use the alert buttons, feel free to watch this video:

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