Maximum Number of Trackers on an Account

Do you have multiple Weenect trackers to monitor different family members, pets, or objects? Find out how to efficiently manage all your trackers within a single Weenect account.


Flexibility and Ease of Managing Trackers

The Weenect app offers remarkable flexibility: there is no limit to the number of trackers you can associate with a single account. This feature is ideal for families or businesses that need to monitor multiple individuals or objects. However, it is important to note that each tracker requires its own active subscription. This ensures proper functioning and access to location services for each individual unit.


Overview and Individual Interactions

The Weenect app allows you to simultaneously track all your trackers on a common map, offering a global and instantaneous view of the position of each tracker. However, when it comes to interacting with a specific tracker, such as activating the ringtone, vibrator, or flashlight, the app requires focusing on one tracker at a time. This individual approach ensures precise interaction and avoids any confusion, especially in situations requiring a quick and specific response.

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Managing multiple trackers on a Weenect account is therefore done with great ease, offering both an overview and the ability to manage each tracker individually. This centralized solution is a major asset for those looking for a simple and effective method to track multiple loved ones or important objects.


💡 Did You Know?

Did you know that even though you can see all your trackers on a common map, each one retains its individual location history? This way, you can easily review the specific movements of each tracker without affecting or mixing the information of the others.

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