Understanding the GPS Position Accuracy of Weenect Trackers

Discover how the GPS technology of Weenect trackers determines the location of your loved ones or pets with an accuracy ranging from 3 to 50 meters.


GPS Accuracy: Between Ideal and Reality

Under optimal conditions, outdoors and without major obstacles, the GPS position accuracy captured by our Weenect trackers can achieve a remarkable level of precision, up to 3 meters. However, this performance largely depends on the environment in which the tracker is located.


Factors Affecting GPS Accuracy

The performance of GPS is influenced by various environmental factors. Obstacles such as tall buildings or natural formations can block the line of sight between the tracker and the satellites, which can introduce variations in positioning accuracy. Generally, the more open the environment, the better the accuracy.



It is essential to understand that, although Weenect trackers are designed to offer precise location, external factors can affect this accuracy. By knowing these elements, you can better interpret location data and use your tracker more effectively.


💡 Did You Know?

Did you know that the GPS technology used by Weenect is constantly evolving? Our engineers continuously work to improve location accuracy, to provide you with increased peace of mind when tracking your loved ones or pets.

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