Why Choose Weenect Over Other GPS Tracker Brands?

The Weenect XS Tracker: The Most Compact on the Market for Your Pet's Comfort

Weenect stands out with its XS tracker, designed to be the smallest GPS tracker available. Its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for animals without compromising their comfort. Equipped with a sturdy, ergonomic silicone case, the tracker attaches and detaches easily from the collar. For felines, Weenect offers a breakaway rubber collar, optimizing the safety of their adventures and allowing them to free themselves if necessary.


Real-Time GPS Tracking: Unmatched Precision with Weenect

Weenect takes the concept of real-time tracking seriously: with the Superlive mode, exclusive to the Weenect XS GPS tracker, benefit from an update of your pet's position every second. This unique feature allows for extremely precise localization. Outside of this mode, Weenect XS continues to stand out with position updates every 30 seconds, providing a comprehensive and reliable tracking history.


Borderless GPS Tracking with Weenect

The Weenect tracker transcends geographical boundaries with its global GPS tracking system. Integrating a SIM card, it automatically connects to local cellular networks worldwide to transmit GPS data to your smartphone or computer. This advanced technology distinguishes itself from tracking systems that use radio or Bluetooth signals, offering unlimited range for tracking your pet.


Multi-Network Connectivity: A Major Advance for the Weenect Tracker

The Weenect tracker employs the latest telecommunications technologies from Thales, ensuring compatibility with 5G, 4G LTE-M/NB-IoT, and 2G networks. The integrated SIM card adapts to the main operators in each country (see the list of supported countries), guaranteeing optimal connectivity. If an operator's signal is weak, the Weenect XS tracker automatically switches to a more powerful network.


💡 Did You Know?

Weenect is continuously committed to improving the tracking experience for your pets, with a priority given to safety and animal welfare.

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