Why Choose A Weenect Tracker Over Another Brand?


Weenect is the French leader in GPS tracking for cats and dogs.
What makes Weenect so different from its competitors? What makes Weenect's GPS tracker the best option on the market for your pet's GPS tracker? Find out more below.


The Weenect XS tracker, the smallest GPS tracker on the market

The XS tracker is the smallest GPS tracker on the market. Light and small, it was specifically designed to fit your pet's collar without bothering it. The silicone case attachment system, both ergonomic and resistant, allows you to easily attach and remove the tracker from the collar. For cats, we also provide a breakaway rubber collar for safer outdoor wanderings and allow your pet to free itself from its collar if it gets caught in branches.


The Weenect tracker provides TRUE real-time tracking.

When looking for your pet, there's no time to lose, that's why at Weenect "real time" truly means "real time”:

Thanks to the Superlive mode, your Weenect XS GPS tracker is the only one on the market that shares its position every second to help you find your pet in the most accurate way possible. And even when you're not using this mode, Weenect XS is still the only GPS tracker to provide you with a GPS position update every 30 seconds, for a detailed tracking history!


The Weenect tracker works without distance limit (unlimited range).

The Weenect tracker boasts a global GPS tracking service that works from anywhere, thanks to the built-in SIM card in every tracker. The SIM card automatically connects to different local cell networks to send GPS data from the device to your computer or smartphone - just like sending a text message.

Unlike other trackers that use radio or Bluetooth signals to share and send GPS data, Weenect trackers have no distance limit.


The Weenect tracker can connect to several networks. 

The Weenect tracker uses Thales' latest telecommunication technology to connect to yesterday's and tomorrow's cell networks: 5G, 4G LTE-M /NB-iOT and 2G.

Additionally, the Weenect SIM card supports all major carriers in your country (see list of supported countries). If a carrier's signal is weak in an area, the Weenect XS tracker will automatically switch to another carrier.



The Weenect tracker uses the most advanced tracking technology available.

Although GPS technology is the most reliable and secure technology, it can sometimes be affected. For example, when you are inside a building, the position may be less accurate. That's why the Weenect XS GPS tracker also uses other technologies such as wifi to ensure that you always receive the most relevant information about your pet's location.

Furthermore, we developed patented algorithms that allow us to adjust the accuracy of your tracker's position based on its movements and its environment. This is how we deliver unmatched accuracy and responsiveness in the pet safety industry.


The Weenect tracker includes a ringtone and a powerful light

For added security, Weenect features a ringtone and a powerful flash light to help you find your pet, whether in a bush, a tree or even in the dark.

The ringtone can also help you train your pet to recall. You won't have to run after your pet anymore, just ring the tracker and it will come back to you like magic!

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