Why Is My Phone More Accurate Than The Tracker?

Sometimes your phone may be more accurate than the tracker. You can see this by standing next to it. The reason is simple: your phone does not only use GPS signals to position itself, it also uses wifi signals to adjust the communicated position. To check it, deactivate the wifi of your phone and you will see that your position will also be less accurate.

GPS devices for the road such as TomTom or Garmin can also look flawless, but only in appearance. They correct their positioning errors by relying on the route of the roads. Since your car is not supposed to leave the road, the GPS automatically puts your position back on the road when it comes off. This gives an impression of perfection, however this is not the case.

Despite these inherent limitations of GPS technology, we are continually working to offer you new developments that will allow you to refine the accuracy of your locators. Our engineers regularly add new algorithms to our solution in order to offer you the best for the safety of your nearest and dearest.
Our goal is above all to offer you a tool that will always allow you to find your loved one, wherever they are.

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