How to Access Key Information of Your Weenect Tracker?

Quick Consultation of the Tracker's Essential Data

When you want to get an instant overview of the vital information about your Weenect tracker, simply click on your tracker's icon in the app. This action gives you access to valuable information such as:

  • Connection Status: Instantly check whether your tracker is connected or not.
  • Tracker Status: Verify that it has switched to energy-saving mode, airplane mode, or static mode.
  • Last GPS Position: The date and time of the last recorded GPS location.
  • Battery Level: The current percentage of remaining battery, allowing you to plan for a timely recharge.
  • Frequency of GPS Position Updates: Choose the interval at which you wish to receive a new position when the tracker is in motion.



Having quick and easy access to the essential information of your Weenect tracker is crucial for its effective tracking. By using these features of the Weenect app, you can ensure that your tracker operates optimally and is always ready for use.


💡Did you know?

Customizing the frequency of GPS updates allows for a balance between location accuracy and battery saving. This function is particularly useful during long periods of absence or when the tracker is in an area with limited network coverage.

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