What are the Main Features Of The App?

Here are the different features of our app:

1 – GPS location: you can follow your GPS tracker from all your devices.

2 – Automatic guidance: you will be able to find the carrier of the tracker in a crowded area, using the compass, augmented reality or itinerary features.

3 – Geofence In / Out: you will define security areas and will be notified when the carrier enters or leaves those areas (the number of security areas is unlimited).

4 – SOS alert: you will get a warning if the carrier touches the SOS button of the tracker

5 – Phone feature: you can ask to be called by the tracker, using the mic and speaker (10 min / month)

6 – History of the last trips

7 – History of the last notifications

8 – Low battery alert: you will receive a low battery warning when the tracker battery goes below 30% and 15%.

For further information, watch the video :


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