How do the LEDs of the Weenect XS tracer work?

To turn on the device:

  • Press the button for 3 seconds.
  • The LED flickers during the turning on
  • Sound + vibration when the command is completed

GSM network search:

The LED blinks alternatively red and green, the tracker is looking for the best GSM network around its area.

Network found, connecting:

The green LED is flashing, which means that your tracker is connecting to the Weenect servers.


To check the connection status:

Press the button:

  • If LED is green = connected
  • If LED is white = tracker is in airplane mode If LED is red then green = tracker off

Network issue:

The LED blinks alternatively red and green

To turn off:

  • Press the button 3 times consecutively  (to prevent the tracer from turning off inadvertently)
  • 1 beep + vibration
  • The green LED blinks shortly and then turns off to indicate that the tracker has been switched off


  • Battery < 30%: Red LED blinks every 3 seconds
  • Charging: steady red LED
  • Tracker fully charged: steady green LED
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