How to charge my Weenect XS tracker?

When charging your Weenect XS tracker, the LED indicators provide the following information:

  • Charging in progress: The LED light is solid red.
  • Battery level below 30%: The LED light flashes red.
  • Charging complete: The LED light turns solid green.

These indications make it easy for you to know the charging status of your Weenect XS tracker.

How to use my charging cable for XS?

To charge your XS tracker, securely attach the charger to the back of the device using the magnetic silver charging points. You should hear a click when the charger is properly attached. The tracker will automatically turn on when it is being charged.

What types of adapters can I use to charge the tracker?

You can use 5V power adapters that provide a current of 0.5A or 1A to charge the tracker.

However, it is important to avoid using high-voltage adapters like 9V fast chargers, as they could potentially damage the tracker.

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