What sets a microchip apart from a GPS tracker?

We're glad you asked!! It's a common misconception that a microchip and a GPS pet tracker are the same. In reality, these two technologies serve distinct purposes and have unique features.

GPS trackers:

  • View your pet's whereabouts in real-time through a companion app
  • Ensure you always know where your pet is and can find them if they get lost
  • Weigh about 27 grams only
  • Easy to attach to your pet's collar or harness for convenience and safety


  • They are small in size, comparable to a grain of rice, and they are implanted under the pet's skin.
  • They do not include GPS tracking or localization technology. - So, the answer is No, you cannot find them quickly
  • Microchips are primarily used for identifying a pet's owner when they are found and brought to a shelter or veterinarian. However, having a GPS tracker provides better tracking capabilities for your pet's real-time whereabouts.
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