How Does Activity Tracking Work?

The activity tracking feature serves as an indicator to monitor and track your pet's daily activity level.

Pet profile settings

To unlock the power of activity tracking, you'll need to provide some key information about your furry friend:

  • Age, gender, and breed
  • Identification details (microchip, tattoo, or none)
  • Weight and body type
  • Frequency of walks
  • Sterilization status, last veterinary visit, and vaccine dates

You also have the option to set a daily activity target for your pet. Based on your pet's breed, you'll receive personalized advice and recommendations. The goal will be prominently displayed at the top of the page, and by clicking on the small crown icon, you can delve into the details.

As your pet gets closer to reaching their activity target, the monitoring status turns green, indicating success!

Daily Activity Monitoring

Once the profile configuration is completed, you can easily access your pet's activity information, including:

  • Progress towards the daily activity goal
  • Distribution of activity throughout the day
  • Graphical representation of daily monitoring with the ability to compare it over a specific period of time.

Activity Distribution

The activity distribution feature provides you with an overview of your pet's rest, activity, and wake-up times.

Assessing Progress

By tracking your pet's activity, you can unlock objectives and earn badges that represent their progress. The more active your pet is, the more badges you'll unlock!

Weekly And Monthly Activity Monitoring

As with daily monitoring, your pet's activity can also be monitored weekly or monthly.
This gives you an opportunity to get a sense of how your pet is doing health-wise.

Activity sharing

Share your pet's activity with your loved ones on social media and let them join in on the fun!

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