How to Navigate the Weenect App

Understanding the Top Bar of the App

The main screen of your Weenect app displays key information about your tracker at the top of the screen. Here's what you'll find:

  • Tracker Status: A visual indicator (green dot for connected, red dot for disconnected) showing the connection status of your tracker.
  • Last GPS Position: The date and time of the last GPS location recorded by the tracker.
  • Battery Level: A percentage indicating the remaining battery charge of the tracker.

By pressing the "i" button, you access a detailed page summarizing essential information:

  • Tracker Position: Displays the last known GPS location with the exact address and offers the possibility to open Google Maps to view the route to this position.
  • GPS Accuracy: Indicates the accuracy of the GPS positions, represented by a margin of error.
  • Network: Shows the connection percentage to the Weenect server, crucial for the proper functioning of the tracker.
  • Battery: Displays the remaining battery percentage and suggests adjustments to the GPS position interval to optimize battery life.


Exploring the Bottom Bar for Easy Interaction

Navbar EN.png

Navigation in the app is further simplified by the bottom bar, which includes:

  • "Map" Tab: Allows you to locate and interact directly with your tracker.
  • "History" Tab: Traces the movements of your tracker, recording each movement and its log.
  • "Activity" Tab: Find all the activity data of your pet on this page.
  • "Tracker" Tab: Centralizes all the configuration and customization options of your tracker.
  • "Account" Tab: Here you'll find your personal information and display preferences.



With this intuitive interface, the Weenect app provides a smooth and efficient user experience. Whether you want to check the status of your tracker, follow its movements, or adjust its settings, everything is at your fingertips.


💡Did you know?

For an optimal experience, make sure to keep the Weenect app updated and regularly check the battery status of your tracker to avoid any unexpected interruptions in service.

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