How do I turn my Cats2/Dogs2 Weenect tracker on and off?

Turn on the tracker

Put your tracker outside, then press the on/off button for 3 seconds. As soon as the tracker vibrates and beeps, you can release the button. The tracker is switched on


Illustration of the on/off button

Keep your tracker outdoors until the yellow LED flashes rapidly. It may take a little to get the first GPS position. 

The yellow LED flashes twice and then the blue LED flashes once? Congratulations, your tracker has now obtained a first GPS position.

Turn off the tracker

To turn off your tracker, press the on/off button three times successively. As soon as the tracker vibrates your tracker is switched off.

Find out more

To better understand your tracker, here is an explanatory video that will enlighten you on the state of your tracker thanks to the diodes.

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