How does the connection work ?

Differentiating GPS signal from connection to the server

To begin with, it is important to note the difference between your tracker’s GPS signal (which depends on GPS satellites) and GSM connection (which depends on network coverage). These two aspects are essential, but do not serve the same function.

Connection to the server

To be able to display this position in your application, we must first receive it from the tracker. It will therefore connect to our server in order to communicate this information to us. This connection is made via the telephone network it connects to thanks to the device’s integrated SIM card. If your tracker is connected, it is then capable of communicating its GPS location. If it is not connected, it cannot transmit its position.

The mobile coverage around where you live has a direct impact on the functionality of your tracker. White spots (areas with no mobile coverage) or areas with poor mobile coverage will be particularly difficult for it. However, Weenect has the best mobile network possible (with the possibility of connecting to a multitude of networks, this helps reduce the effect of a partially white spot or a specific operator that wouldn’t work).


With no GPS signal, there is no information to send; but without a connection to the server, the information cannot be sent.

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