How Does the Tracker Connect?

The Duality of the Location System: GPS and GSM

To fully understand the capabilities of your Weenect tracker, it is essential to distinguish two key components: the GPS signal and the GSM connection. Each of these elements plays a crucial but distinct role in the operation of the tracker.

  • GPS Signal: The core of the location system, the GPS signal, is captured directly from satellites. This signal allows the tracker to determine its exact geographical position in terms of longitude and latitude. The effectiveness of this signal largely depends on the tracker's ability to communicate with the satellites, a task facilitated by a clear environment.

  • GSM Connection: Once the tracker's GPS position is determined, the GSM connection comes into play. Thanks to its integrated SIM card, the tracker connects to the telephone network to transmit its position to Weenect servers. This step is vital for you to visualize the tracker's position in your Weenect app.


The Impact of Network Coverage on Tracker Functioning

The network coverage in your area of residence directly influences the effectiveness of the tracker's GSM connection. In areas where the network is weak or non-existent, known as "white zones", the tracker may struggle to establish a stable connection with Weenect servers.

Weenect and the Network: Fortunately, Weenect adapts to various environments by leveraging the best available mobile networks. This flexibility allows the tracker to function effectively even in areas where certain specific operators might not be available.

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Understanding how the Weenect tracker connects and communicates is essential for optimizing its use. The synergy between the GPS signal and the GSM connection is at the heart of this technology, ensuring precise and reliable location tracking of your loved ones or pets.


💡 Did You Know?

The tracker's connection to both the GPS signal and the GSM network ensures a double assurance in terms of location. However, it is important to remember that the quality of the GSM connection can vary depending on your geographical location. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to check the network coverage in your area before using the tracker.

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